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House Of Pampas

We are a small family-run business specializing in providing a wide range of quality pampas grass and dried flower bouquets for weddings, venue, and interior home decor.

Don't regret anything that made you decorate with pampas

Why Decorate With Pampas

Pampas grass decor is, without doubt, is the most fashionable decoration out there and is increasingly being used in contemporary home interiors as well as venue styling.


Wedding Decor Essentials

House of Pampas is committed to helping you decorate your wedding venue and bridal party with high-quality decor. Discover our latest work for wedding florals and other decorations including; bridal bouquets, bridesmaid's flowers, cake decor, corsages, floral arches, and more.

Pampas Single Stem x3


Shop single stem dried pampas, available in a wide range of colours and types.


Floral Products & Decor

At House of Pampas Malta you'll find a wide range of dried pampas and dried flowers that are certain to match any design you want to set. Our dried flower bouquets are also perfect for gifting and can be bought individually, as a bouquet, decorated in our unique vases, or even rented out for special events.


Foliage & Leaves

Dried Flowers


Decor Items

Discover our most popular decor products, with a lavishing range of beautifully arranged dried and artificial florals in vases that complement the entire look.